Purcell Clearing Sale
SATURDAY 23 APRIL 2016, starting at 9am

14 Linsley Street COBAR, A/C D.Purcell



Valve grinding machine with fittings; valve seating kit; porta-power (hydraulic—working); 35t Hydraulic press (blue);
old hydraulic press; steel stand with vice; spark plug cleaning machine; assorted pulleys; tyre removal kit; bead cheater;
Sidchrome tool chests; assorted Sidchrome spanners (new and old); good set of diesel injector tools; assorted tools
and pipe cutting wrench; rivet assortment; “Mogy” branded tool box with assorted good quality tools; tool steel cabinet;
“A.O.K” side hammer pulley set; stock and die kit; “Boss” battery charger (working); assorted panel beating hammers
and assorted hammers; punchers kit and punch set; screwdriver set; various tyre levers and tools; bolt cutters; clamps;
spanners; car stands (2 x pairs and 1 x single); 3 x sets jumper leads (long 11m+); assorted air tools; large steel bench;
stock and die sets (die nuts); allen keys; assorted rivets; fibre and copper washers; various array of cabinets; tool sets;
1” drive; 3” drive; air driven sockets for 1” drive; various sockets; metric/UNC/UNF/dies/taps in tool box (set); assorted
24volt and 12volt globes; aluminium toolbox; assorted clamps; Lathe and kit; “Mitutoyo” dial caliper; Hydraulic lifter;
assorted kid’s toys; ratchet cutters; blades and Stanley knives; assorted brass fittings; assorted measuring devices;
”Venier” caliper; electrical switches and connections; spark plug connectors; 2 x trolleys; air pressure gauge;
copper tubing and cutter; assorted pliers; assorted oil filters (GEP brand) in boxes; “Ryco” diesel fuel filters in boxes;
Engine lifter (hydraulic); electric hack saw; 2 x electric lawn mowers (motor broken on 1, cutter broken on the other);
lawn edger; “Toolex” bench grinder with drill sharpener attachment; “Hafco” metal master bench drill (SPD-20B) 1hp 16 speed;
“GMF” 8” bench grinder; “Hafco” Wood Master thicknesser T-12B 240volt; various wood planes; old wood kit and assorted tools;
assorted saws; 3 x sash clamps; 3 x metal tool chests; electric saw in box; wood vice; trailer jack; 3-phase power welder (working);
oxy tool kit; “Cigweld” Comet 3 gas weld and cutting outfit in box; heavy metal stand for vice; assorted welding rods;
assorted chains; assorted tools including shovels, crowbars, axes etc; pipe clamps; 2 x aluminium trestles with 6m plank;
“McCulloch” 450w line trimmer (electric); “McCulloch” Trinmac 210 motor trimmer; assorted nuts and bolts,
screws and washers; power points; extension cords; switches; electrical wiring; assorted hinges, latches and handles;
assorted springs; metal fittings, pipes, elbows, t-pieces, ball valves, taps; “Storz” fittings; assorted pipe lengths; various
sized trolley wheels; feeler gauges and valve gauges; hand drills (wood); cold chisels and punches; assorted wheel nut spanners;
“Petter” diesel pump; fuel hose; cement mixer; fuel jerry cans (diesel); hand fuel pump; micrometres; hand pipe cutters; tyre repair tools;
oil cans; electrical screws and drills; Shell grease (old); grinding discs; assortment of vices; steel cabinet; steel angleline; pipe bender;
pipe stand; soldering irons; assorted power tools; long drill bits; grinders; 4”/100m grinder; jigsaw; 1/2” drill; head gear; CHUBB safe;

assorted jacks; vehicle recovery chain; sanders; electric polishers with service kits; “Makita” side drill; die grinder; anvil



Antique cash register; large Heritage safe (“Simpson” approx. 1t); Antique timber clock; Limited Edition Allan Bonn
handmade glass sculpture (#80/100 made) in box; assorted knives; Seiko clock in box;
collectable push lawn mowers; antique rocking horse; kids’ billy cart; pool table;
assortment of antique wooden working tools; wood chisels (new never been used) made in England;
antiques scales; antique trunks; Hornby train set; typewriter; antique pulley; antique filing cabinet; 4 x Parker Furniture Units (2 x clothes units & 2 x display units)


TERMS & CONDITIONS: Strictly payment by cash or cheque on sale day. NOW OFFERING EFT FACILITIES.
All buyers must register and bidding number will apply, photo ID required.
GST applies to all lots. All absentee bidders please contact the office PRIOR to sale day to register.



Auctioneer: David Russell 0418 636 050
Landmark Russell Office: (02) 6836 2234

The Vendors and/or their agents do not give any warranties as to errors or omissions, if any in these
Particulars which they believe to be accurate when completed.
Prospective Purchasers should
satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to the accuracy.

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