A successful auction evening!

11 May 2016

Landmark Russell are pleased to report that two of the three properties offered for sale by way of auction last Friday 6 May were sold under the hammer on the night! 96 Lerida Road - a residential home on approximately 5 acres just 10 minutes from town was the first to sell for $352,000. 12 Echidna Avenue, also a residentail home on approximately 1.71 acres, sold for $360,000.

60 Morrison Street was passed in at auction. Price available on application. 

Thank you to all who attended the evening. It was fantastic to see such interest in the real estate market in town.

Thank you to all of the vendors for favouring Landmark Russell to act as agents in these matters.

If you would like to discuss your property needs with the Landmark Russell team please contact our office on (02) 6836 2234. You can contact our residential sales agent Christopher Lehmann directly on 0408 362 268, or contact our rural sales agent and auctioneer David Russell on 0418 636 050. 




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Around The Ridges Livestock Report: 16 April 2016

16 April 2016

Over the last week we have seen the Western Region warm up a bit and continue with dry conditions.
The markets are definitely reflecting this in their prices. Sheep have been holding on fairly firmly the last few days considering the season and have only just started to slip back.

Last week at Dubbo it was hard to find cattle in prime condition apart from cows and a few grown steers.
Most sections of the market reflected the plainer quality yarding. Young cattle to the trade were 3c to 6c cheaper
with vealers selling to 324c/kg. Prime steer yearlings sold from 270c to 310c while the prime heifer yearlings sold from 265c
to 305c/kg. Young feeder cattle were 4c to 10c cheaper with the feeder steers selling from 255c to 316c while the feeder
heifers sold to 289c/kg.

Young steers to the restockers were also cheaper selling to 330c/kg.
Grown steers were 14c cheaper with the few prime medium weights selling from 265c to 286c/kg. Cows were 16c to 18c
cheaper with the 2 scores selling from 120c to 166c to the processors and 226c/kg to the restockers for PTIC cows.
The better 3 and 4 score cows sold from 167c to 212c with the 4 score heavy weights averaging 200c/kg.
Bulls were 15c cheaper selling to 235c/kg.

Purcell Dispersal Sale will be held next Saturday morning the 23th of April from 9am at 14 Linsley Street, Cobar. 

For all your livestock sales needs please contact:

Ulrich Eins
M: 0447 769 588
E: livestock@landmarkrussell.com.au 



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Autumn auction evening

14 April 2016










Don't miss your opportunity to secure some prime real estate in Cobar!

Property open inspections:

* 96 Lerida Road: Saturday April 16, 9am - 9.45am

* 60 Morrison Street: Saturday April 16, 10am - 10.45am

Private viewings by appointment. Contact Christopher Lehmann 0408 362 268.
For further information please visit the full online listing for 96 Lerida Road here and 60 Morrison Street here


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30 March 2016

Around The Ridges Livestock Report: 24 March 2016

24 March 2016


The last week has seen a cooler change and also some decent rain for a few lucky graziers around town.

Last week’s markets saw cattle prices stay firm in some categories and fall slightly in others. This is due to dry conditions and less restocker demand.
Sheep on the other hand were dearer due to smaller yardings and less quality sheep being offered.

At the Dubbo cattle sale last week young cattle were firm to 4c cheaper, with vealers selling to 320c/kg. Prime steer yearlings sold to 315c while the prime heifer yearlings sold from 278c to 310c/kg. Young feeder cattle were 3c to 5c dearer with the feeder steers selling from 280c to 332c while the feeder heifers sold from 273c to 311c/kg.

Young steers to the restockers sold to 375c/kg. Grown steers were 4c dearer, with the prime medium and heavy weights selling from 260c to 299c/kg. Cows were 1c to 4c dearer, with the 2 scores selling from 165c to 205c/kg.

The better 3 and 4 scores sold from 200c to 226c. At Forbes sheep market restocking lambs selling from $75 to $109/head. The better heavy trade lambs lifted $4 to $8, with the medium and heavy weights $98 to $132/head. Heavy weights ranged from $125 to $153.

Merino trades made from $98 to $129/head. Mutton numbers also declined and the quality was very mixed. Ewes made up the majority of the offering and prices were cheaper. Medium weights sold from $52 to $78 and heavy crossbred ewes made to $103/head.

Most of the better covered sheep averaged between 260c and 280c/kg cwt.

Landmark Russell sold the following for our clients:

  • A/C: Murtee Pastoral  sold rising 6yo merino ewes SIL to Merino rams for $105 on farm
  • A/C: M O Russell sold some Merino Wethers in Dubbo to top at $99
  • A/C: SA Cattle Co sold some agistment Hereford heifers at the Inverell sale yards to top at $1183.  

For all your livestock sales needs please contact:

Ulrich Eins
M: 0447 769 588
E: livestock@landmarkrussell.com.au 



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